Our specialists within the sampling department carefully go through the customers’ briefing and provide the best possible samples of the garments they want us to manufacture for them. This is followed by our trained workforce within the merchandising department which provides the best possible pricing for the garment needed to be manufactured according to the quality of the accessories demanded by the customers. With the services of our top-notch employees, we are well equipped to provide services ranging from sourcing of the fabric to importing of accessories so that our customers can have a hassle-free experience. Our services also include metal detecting, burnout designs and all other specifications demanded by our customers. In cases where we don’t have in-house facilities for any service demanded by our customers, we perform those activities through collaboration with our secondary service providers.

Once the order gets approved, with our cutting-edge technology, advanced machinery and skillful workforce, we provide the best possible quality garments to our customers. With our three-step quality control procedure, we aim to provide flawless products to our customers. With over 250 machines and about 300 employees, we have a capacity of producing over a hundred thousand pieces per month.

With our dedicated sales team, we aim to fulfill all the requirements of our customers with precision. Our sales team is in constant contact with our customers to get approvals from our customers at every stage of processing the order, so that the orders are exactly tailored to the needs of our customers. From design and accessories to sorting and packaging of orders, everything is customized according to our customer needs. At Ahmed Enterprises, we tend to walk the extra mile to fulfill the demands of our customers in the best possible manner, so that they are not disappointed at any cost.