With a stretching experience of over 23 years, we have worked with numerous clients, producing several categories of garments to meet their requirements.

A unique aspect of Ahmed Enterprises is the diverse portfolio that we offer to our customers. Apart from Denim, we offer a huge variety of products which include both woven as well as knitted garments.

Our functional experience of over two decades has allowed us to manufacture premium quality garments which require a combination of skill and attention to detail. Our expertise extends to Parka jackets with Sherpa lining, burnout sweatshirts and other types of value-added designer garments which most of the factories are not able to produce.

At Ahmed Enterprises we never disappoint our customers with the quality of garments we produce as we always aim to establish long term relationship with customers. We always try to keep our customers in confidence as our sales team is always in contact with our customers and provide them with samples of production for approval. We also support third party audits at the end of production so that our customers are completely satisfied with the quality of products they have ordered before its delivery.

Ahmed Enterprises is a great advocate of human rights. We follow all the necessary guidelines to make sure we do not violate any clause of WTO. Likewise, we are also BSCI certified along which, BSCI performs a yearly audit at our factory and make sure that we meet all the standards required to continue the certification for instance, following the minimum wage rate requirements, having no child labor in factory, having fire exits, fire-fighting equipment, safety equipment etc.